Meet Amy

Hi! I'm Amy, Certified Holistic Health Coach,  Soul Coach, Intuitive and Healing practitioner.

I'm a  mom of four, two boys and two girls, and lots of fur babies.  Cancer survivor,Essential oil and supplement junkie and avid reader with the habit of reading multiply books at once. Having six books laying around with bookmarks in them, and pulling out a new one to read. Lol.   After my experience with cancer  my soul purposes started coming out.

Of course being mom is #1 to me,  #2- living life for TODAY , and  I also have a passion for helping my tribe,  other women! To find your purpose,  help you heal, and live a more balanced life.

My passion to help heal others came from my experience of having cancer.  I can't say that cancer was something that I would ever want to go through again, but I choose to pull what was good out of it and leave the rest in the ashes. It brought out the compassionate healer in me that yearns to hold space for other women, and help them navigate through life's journey.

It started with doing a lot of research and use of supplements and essential oils, becoming a Certified Holistic health coach, getting certified in Energy work, Reiki, Emotional Release, and learning that I have prophetic/intuitive abilities.

My journey is what gave me the compassion and empathy to want to help others.   Usually people will seek out someone like me after conventional methods and some alternative treatments aren't working for them.

We are made up of so much more than just a physical body. We are also an energetic human body.   There is more then what meets the eye when it comes to us! I use my gift of seeing the energetic parts of the body, and helping you figure out where your symptoms are coming from.

What I also learned in Health Coaching certification is that because our bodies are more then physical, there are many other factors that can cause our bodies dis-ease.   Our emotional health is also very important!

My Gifts

This has been another journey where I have had to let go of some  religious stigmas and beliefs and go with my gifts.  I grew up in the church and consider myself a Christian.

What does a Christian do when some of the churches she went to say that healing isn't for today? Or that people can't hear from God or talk to Angels?

Of course we want to deny that we have gifts. Lol. It's been something that I've had to overcome, what other people have to say about it, or what they believe or don't believe. Trust me, getting over what other people think of you isn't easy!

A common question that people have is how do I do what I do?

It wasn't until after having cancer myself that I started having this strong desire to heal other people.  After seeing doctors, naturopaths, therapists, energy workers, healers, and doing much study myself,  one thing led to another and I've met many amazing people that started drawing out my gifts.

A few years after I had cancer someone told me that Spirit told them that I was healed and survived cancer because I was going to see people's dis-eases in their body and I was going to heal them. He also said that I was prophetic.

At that time, it sounded crazy and amazing but I certainly didn't believe it! But it did spark more desire in me, and more studying and more reading! A few years after that, I met one of my best friends online, in a spiritual group on Facebook of all things. :). She is also very gifted and with her guidance I started to trust and have faith in my gifts, and started exercising them and offered people free help to practice using my gifts.

My intuition works in different ways.  Sometimes I can just ask Jesus, the Angels, or God about a person and sometimes I will feel their emotions,  or I will feel something in certain parts of my body that would indicate they have something there,  Other times, there will just be a "knowing" about that person that I can share with them.

I also learned that I can look at a blank outline of a body on paper, and get impressions of things that may be going on in someone's body or energy field and what is causing it, or what can help them without being physically with the person. A lot of times emotional and energetic things are causing the dis-ease in the physical body.   I'm grateful for the gift of being able to help other people.

I look forward to holding space for you!