Energy Healing

A healer is someone that works to restore health, to make someone or something whole or healthy again, helps another person overcome difficulty or find resolution in a challenge that they are facing.

Healing is a multifaceted approach.

The human body is meant to heal itself. However, it can become blocked with unresolved issues and emotions. When this happens the past traumas cause imbalances in one of the six major systems of the body. When anyone of these systems are stressed or thrown off, disorders of any kind can be triggered.

While you are living on this earth, you have an energetic body, a spiritual body, and a physical body.

These are the 3 core components that comprise the human existence, and when you just focus on healing the physical body, you focus on just ⅓ of the human experience.

Your Physical Body comprises all the physical components of who you are, from your blood, to your skin, to your cells, to your neurotransmitters. All physical, tangible, measurable aspects of your body are what makes up your physical body.

Your Spiritual Body comprises the essence of you. It's your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your life experiences past, present, and future, your moral compass, and your perspectives, to name a few things. The embodiment of all the pieces of your you-ness is called your Spirit, your spiritual body.

Your Energetic Body comprises the summation of the energetic resonance and vibration carried by your physical structures and your spiritual body.

Your physical and spiritual body are made of energetic components on a core level, just as all matter and things existing in this universe are - everything has energy, and you, are no exception.

These three bodies are completely linked, interconnected, and inseparable. Meaning, that with a change in one, you often see a change in another. A change in one system, results in a change to a connected system.
Your physical body makes up ⅓ of your human existence, while your energetic and spiritual body make up the remaining ⅔.

Energy healing, Angel Healing, Jesus healing, Reiki-
All can lead to energetic shifts and healing to the body, mind and soul.

How I found Energy Healing.....

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Tongue Cancer and cancer in a lymph node on the side of my neck.
This led on a path of healing. From ENT doctors, to a surgeon at Mayo clinic, to chiropractors, Naturopathic doctors, Essential oils and supplements.
I learned about Healing when I was going to church.
I saw people get healed of things by people praying healing over them.
I was overwhelmed by this.
I remember being told by someone in the church that I was healing of cancer because I was going to heal others. That I would see their cancer in their body and heal them of it.
When I spread my wings, outside of the church, I came across someone who did energy healing for a living.
I took a class with her for six weeks and learned about energy, chakras, and how our energetic bodies work.
I continued on with that education with classes in Angel Healing, certification in Energy Healing, and became a Master Reiki practitioner.
At this point. I just call my healing what it is, Healing. 🙂
With Christianity as my background, I believe Healing comes from Jesus, but you are free to believe what you want about it.


I am a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Certified energy healer in Chakra healing, Certified Emotional Release with Essential oils, and best of all, believer in Healing through Jesus and Angels.
I use these to clear your blocks and give your energy a make over which ignites the healing process.
Energetic Healing works amazing along side using essential oils, intuitive readings and Life Coaching.

It is not unusual for clients to experience relief of aches and pains, reduced tension and stress, release of negativity and emotional blocks, improved meditation practices, and deeper peace and clarity.



Healing can be done from anywhere, just like prayer.
Energy follows intention. When I do healings over distance it is no different then being in the same room with you.



You just know! You have an "inner knowing" just like I do.
Call it what you want. Your intuiton, Your gut, God, The Universe, you have a "knower" and it will tell you! Follow that!

You don't have to have a major dis-ease to need a healing.
Sometimes you just don't feel right.

  • You feel depressed.
  • You feel anxious.
  • You feel physically drained.
  • You feel sick.
  • You have lack of Joy.
  • You feel blocked.


15 minute distance healing session.....$33

30 minute distance healing session......$55

45 min distance healing session....$88

1 HOUR distance healing session......$111

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