Divine Guidance

What is it?

There is many names for divine guidance.

Intuitive guidance or reading
Prophetic word or guidance
Angel reading or guidance

I come from a Christian belief system and believe in Jesus. I believe that my intuitive insight comes from Jesus. I believe we all have this gift, we just need to exercise it and use it.

Sometimes I will use Angel cards to help with my insights, but I still believe the message is coming from Jesus and the angels. The Divine is what I like to call it.

Basically what I do is sit in peaceful stillness with your name, and ask the Divine for words and guidance for you.

Sometimes things don't make sense to me, but I will share them anyway, because many times even though it seems very strange to me, It will have much meaning and speak directly to your heart!

I will share with you what I hear and/or see. I will work with Jesus and the Angels to provide you with clarity, guidance and insights.

If you feel led to receive Divine Guidance...

I will use one angel card to receive insight for you.

For one question I will ask the divine for guidance.

Allows more time to address more then one question or area of interest.
Available on phone or email.

Allows time to address several areas of concern.
Available on phone or email.

Medical Intuitive Insight- $122
I will look at your body energetically, from a distance, ( I use paper and colored pencils) to see where you have aliments and what they are stemming from, and how you can help to dissolve them.

Sometimes the answers are a need for a change of diet, sometimes it's releasing a certain emotion, Sometimes an oil can be used or a supplement. Sometimes you may need further assistance from a licensed therapist.


Available on phone or email and will share the copy of the drawing.

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