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Meet Amy

Hi! I'm Amy, Certified Holistic Health Coach,  Soul Coach, Intuitive and Healing practitioner.

I'm a  mom of four, two boys and two girls, and lots of fur babies.  Cancer survivor,Essential oil and supplement junkie and avid reader with the habit of reading multiply books at once. Having six books laying around with bookmarks in them, and pulling out a new one to read. Lol.   After my experience with cancer  my soul purposes started coming out.

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Amy's intuitive reading of my son brought tears to my eyes, the way she could "see" him without ever having met him. Things she picked up on confirmed many of my own intuitions and her suggestions were practical and do-able, helping me feel empowered to make positive changes. Thank you, Amy!!

Julie R

Amy is very intuitive. She can pick up on blocked areas of your body and give you remedies to release the blockages whether it is with essential oils or meditation. Thank you for all your help.

Marie K.

I loved Amy's reading, she is a very intuitive and caring person. She sensed things about me and read my body, mind and spirit even without seeing me! She guided me how to overcome my actual issues and how to use the essential oils. She even surprised me about my " healing hands" and maybe this will open a window in my life. Wish she can coach me and live nearby, since in am in Europe. Thank you very much, i am so grateful

Ivone S

Dear Amy, I do believe that every person that crosses our path is always for a good reason, and now I'm sure of this! We met in the same path and I am thankful for this. You asked for some volunteers and I had a strong feeling that I should be one, and I wasn't wrong!!

Just can't believe how accurate and wonderful my intuitive reading was!! You described me just as I am, besides, you described my Thyroid issue! I do feel thankful for having met you! I hope I can get another reading soon! Would never hesitate to ask for another one!! Thank you very much!!

Claudia H.

"Amy was very accurate with her reading, and much of it intuitively resonated with me and helped me to gain further clarity and insight into some of my current life questions. Thank you, Amy, for your wonderful help!"